Village of Palagianello

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Church of "Regina del Rosario"

Archeological sites

Built in 1982 by the architect Antonio Fanigliulo, this church for its modern architectural line, characterized by its high bell tower of 28 meters and the unique flat vault standing on four columns, may be considered the example of a new Italian religious architecture. The church has a trapezoidal shape and it is entered going up a number of stairs leading to the doorway where an embossed portal with two copper panels stands out with the Madonna monogram, the official badge of Palagianello village and the writing “Porta Populi” meaning  that the church was desired and built by Palagianello people. The exterior façade is decorated by a scene painted by local painters Michele Carpignano and Mimmo Marilli symbolizing the marriage of Cana. In the chapel of Santissimo Sacramento, characterized by a historiated polychrome glass wall, recently the local painter Giovanni Carpignano has realized the cycle paints of the seven actions of Corporal Mercy and seven actions of Spiritual Mercy by the representation of everyday scenes.

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